The delicate art of the cocktail!

Mojitos, Daiquiris, Cosmopolitans… We love drinking these cocktails with our friends, colleagues or partners but... let’s face it, when we try to make them at home, it’s an absolute disaster! 

 Archives | Last updated date : 03/12/2018

Fortunately for us (and our future guests!), the Gourmet School of Cuisine at the Institut Paul Bocuse has designed three mixology workshops to initiate us in the art of cocktail making.

Thomas Jacob, a passionate and fascinating barman, will take you on a world-wide journey during each of these workshops, which combine theory, practice and tasting in the form of these themes:

- Focussing on gin & vodka (24/01 and 18/04): at heart, are you a great Russian Tsar or James Bond? Play both roles during this mixology workshop!

Focussing on rhum & tequila (06/12 and 21/03): set sail for the West Indies, Jamaica and South America during this mixology workshop with the spotlight on rum and tequila.

As a bonus, when the team at the Gourmet School of Cuisine told us that the workshops were accompanied by cold meat platters and cheeseboards, we were especially delighted! And we know that you love fine food… 

Besides, as it will soon be Christmas, this is a great idea for a gift – to give or receive – isn’t it?!


Always smiling, Mathilde comes to us from Franche-Comté (as her lilting accent attests). Besides, she is mad about Franche-Comté cheeses: comté, cancoillotte, mont d’or... And all things comestible, for that matter (she’s a real foodie!). Her secret to staying slim? Physical activity. She loves running along the banks of the Saône, near her home.Her motto? Run more to eat more!

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