“Lift a stone and you shall find... a vine”

Head down on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of November 2018 for the 5th edition of the Lyon contemporary and natural wine show. 

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What's natural wine? "It's 100% natural!" OK, but what does that really mean?

Natural wine is the fruit of a philosophical choice to find the natural expression of the soil. It is made from grapes grown organically or biodynamically, with no herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic substances. 

Utopian? Find out for yourself at the debates, screenings, events, presentations, signing sessions, and, of course, tasting sessions and sales.

Every year offers a vintage blend of literature and wine. It's really a show about thinking before buying! 


Beneath her discreet and calm appearance, Mihriban is surprisingly vivacious! Whether she is on the move or laughing (she has a hearty and infectious laugh), she is always thinking. There's always something going on up there! Mihriban has high standards for herself and likes both challenge and perfection. She does everything she can to achieve her goal and always does so with grace.

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