Extraordinary and fragile species

240 specimens from the museum’s historical collections and the major donation made by Hubert Bonnetain can be discovered at the Musée des Confluences from 18 December 2020 to 2 January 2022.

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Made in 2018, Hubert Bonnetain’s donation expanded and enriched the Musée des Confluences’ superb historical collection. Right from the beginnings of the museum (then the Lyon natural history museum), the Soubry cabinet of curiosities and the Mouton-Fontenille collection were a sign that birds would always hold an important place in its collections.

Birds fill us with wonder. With a great diversity of sizes, colours, songs, beaks, eggs and nests, they have conquered the sky and can be found in all types of environments. From the hummingbird to the ostrich, there are more than 11,000 species in the world. 

Despite their high level of adaptability, birds are now in grave danger. Victims of the side-effects of human activities, their population declines become steeper with each passing year. Today, one out of every eight species is threatened with extinction at global level.

Be amazed as you explore the unusual specimens on display in this fantastic exhibition, which has been built on the long tradition of Lyon’s iconic museum.


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Virginie comes from Corsica. "We can't all be born in Lyon…" as they say. But our lovely city is now under her skin (although her beloved island remains firmly anchored in her heart).

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