Bresse's poultry is getting all dressed up to the nines.

As Christmas and the New Year draw closer, the competition recognises the finest capons, fattened chickens, turkeys and chickens from the 11th to the 18th of December 2018.  

 Archives | Last updated date : 18/12/2018

Did you know?
In 1957, the people of Bresse voted for Protected Designation of Origin status to protect their poultry. It is currently the only PDO poultry in the world. Quite enough to deserve its own event!

It's a spectacular event, featuring chefs, showbiz stars and gourmets from all over the globe. 

The festivities are spread over four sites: Montrevel, Bourg-en-Bresse, Louhans, and Pont-de-Vaux. 

The 2018 event promises to be a fine vintage!


Beneath her discreet and calm appearance, Mihriban is surprisingly vivacious! Whether she is on the move or laughing (she has a hearty and infectious laugh), she is always thinking. There's always something going on up there! Mihriban has high standards for herself and likes both challenge and perfection. She does everything she can to achieve her goal and always does so with grace.

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