Of all the fabrics, her favourite is silk…

From the 15th to the 18th of November 2018, Lyon will be reviving its relationship with silk at the Palais de la Bourse.

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This new event is adopting a new format. Over the space of four days, the festival Silk in Lyon will bring together the traditional Marché des Soies, exhibitions and activities, to learn all about a fabric that is interwoven with Lyon’s history.

From China to Lyon, set off to discover the world of textiles along the legendary Silk Road!

On the other side of the planet, Hangzhou is the cradle of silk in China. It is home to the China National Silk Museum and boasts a dynamic silk industry. As a guest of honour for the event, it will present its fascinating foreign know-how during an exhibition.

Further along, the six main stages of silk production will be introduced: sericulture (the rearing of silkworms), reeling and throwing, weaving, creation of the design, frame printing and finishing. If any of these terms leave you perplexed, worry not, as all will be explained in the exhibition!

Follow the traders’ caravans and admire the traditional stalls at the Marché des Soies (Silk Market), with their fabrics and accessories. It will offer a unique opportunity to meet professional producers of silk fabrics and items, who will be delighted to present their collections, all made in France – plenty to inspire the creativity of lovers of textiles and sewing!

Free activities and workshops will be held over the four days, offering a chance to create your own fashion item, learn how to reel silk to better understand this ancient profession, or try your hand at frame printing.

The delicate work of Japanese artist Tomiko Sakai deserves special mention. During a workshop, she will show participants how to make their own flowers using cocoons.

There will also be plenty of things to do for kids, with activities such as a silk-themed indoor treasure hunt and an introduction to weaving.

Lyon’s silk industry has a bright future ahead of it!


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