Remaking film

Until 27 March 2022, Pôle Pixel takes you into Studio 24 to discover its film production workshop.

 Archives | Last updated date : 29/03/2022

When people think of film in Lyon, they usually think of the Institut Lumière or Musée Miniatures et Cinéma. There’s more however: Villeurbanne is hosting an exhibition created by the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie de Paris at Pôle Pixel.

It offers a chance to explore behind the scenes of art, technology and innovation in special effects, with green screens, models and animatronics, as well as 3D headsets and motion capture.

Around the exhibition, sequenced like a film with its own set, post-production and screening rooms, three temporary installations will put you to the test! They include ‘Anamorphoses et illusions’: an immersive experience in a 3D scene, where you can play with virtual objects.

Will you be able to tell what’s real and what isn’t? The studios are yours to explore!


Virginie comes from Corsica. "We can't all be born in Lyon…" as they say. But our lovely city is now under her skin (although her beloved island remains firmly anchored in her heart).

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