In search of ancestral secrets buried in the past!

Sunday September 30th 2018, spend a day exploring the culinary traditions of the Roman era. 

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Known as ʺthe little Pompeii of Vienneʺ, the Saint-Romain-en-Gal site is overflowing with well-conserved treasures! This makes it the perfect place to travel back in time with experimental archaeology and learn how grapes were harvested.

On the menu: tasting sessions, presentations and wine-making according to Roman recipes. On top of the wine-making process, explore the ancient world of wine-related crafts: potters, basket-makers, coopers, etc.

Vinalia is organised under the patronage of the UNESCO "Cultures and Traditions of Wine" Chair in Dijon. The event received the ʺVignobles & Découvertes Destination Condrieu-Côte-Rôtieʺ (i.e. Condrieu-Côte-Rôtie destination vineyards & discoveries) seal of approval and is part of the ʺFête de la Gastronomieʺ (i.e. fine food festival).


Beneath her discreet and calm appearance, Mihriban is surprisingly vivacious! Whether she is on the move or laughing (she has a hearty and infectious laugh), she is always thinking. There's always something going on up there! Mihriban has high standards for herself and likes both challenge and perfection. She does everything she can to achieve her goal and always does so with grace.

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