Potatoes prepared in every way imaginable: a "spudtacular show"!

Head down on Sunday September 2nd 2018 to discover the many facets of this kitchen staple for diners of all ages.

 Archives | Last updated date : 06/09/2018

Rather like the English "full of beans", the French expression "avoir la patate" (i.e. to have the potato) means to be lively and energetic. The potato is one of the key ingredients of French cuisine. There are many varieties of potatoes (firm, tender or floury) and just as many names (Vitelotte, Pompadour, Ratte, etc.), not to mention ways to cook them (steamed, baked, mashed, gratinated, chipped, etc.). Enough! We’re getting hungry!

To find out everything there is to know about France's favourite vegetable (yes, it’s a vegetable!), there'll be a number of potato-based events: potato digging through the ages, sorting, grading, presentation and sale of equipment, as well as plenty of fun attractions for kids.


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