An edition with a British twist

From 23rd March to 2nd April 2018, the fair takes on a decidedly British feel for its London Edition! 

 Archives | Last updated date : 04/04/2018

Camden, Notting Hill, Carnaby Street, Abbey Road, Downing Street... The British capital has so much to offer that it's almost impossible to do everything in a weekend without wearing out the soles of your Clarks shoes. Lucky you: the 2018 edition of the Foire de Lyon – held at Eurexpo exhibition centre – gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the London melting pot. From its medieval past to the present day, not forgetting the Sixties, Seventies and Swinging London, journey through time thanks to 1,500 square metres of exhibition spaces and around a dozen life-like scenes that are almost more realistic than the real thing (10 Downing Street, the Palace of Westminster, the Bloody Tower with its gruesome memories and more). The perfect training session before a trip across the Channel to put your Wall Street English to the test.

All that's well and good, but what about shopping? Everything has been completely redesigned for this new edition with two key themes: a “Homes” section for designing and decorating your cosy interior and a “Shopping” section where you can get your hands on the latest trends in fashion, accessories, beauty products and for children.


This is Antoine. The only moustache in the office.The fact that he has managed to find a niche in a team exclusively made up of women is proof that he has been good at cultivating the better side of his nature. By that we mean his feminine side…

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